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In case our name stumped you, is an Internet radio station that webcasts Classic Rock 'n Roll music.  From root to bud, if it's Classic Rock, you'll hear it here.

If, upon occasion, you hear some things that are completely different, do not be concerned. These things do exist and appear solely for your amusement and entertainment.

Listen now by clicking on the "Listen Now" button. (duh!)  We'll gladly entertain your comments and suggestions for improving the stream, the web site, or your listening experience.  We hope you enjoy picking up what we're laying down.

Under Construction

Our site and stream are under construction, so please pardon our dust.  But don't snort it.  Thanks.

We only play 16-bit PCM uncompressed WAV files, just like the CD.

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"A song of great social and political import... and it goes like this." - Janis Joplin

The Classic Rock Channel is no longer licensed through Stream Licensing.

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This ship set sail on August 12, 2016.  Full speed ahead.

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